Wallace Seymour Extra Fine Acrylic 250ml

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Cadmium Lemon Yellow Hue S3
Proustian Yellow S3
Cadmium Yellow Hue S1
Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue S1
Cadmium Orange Hue S1
Vermilion Hue S1
Cadmium Red Hue S1
Magenta S1
Cardinal Red S1
Alizarin Crimson S2
Alizarin Violet S3
Permanent Violet S1
Violet Grey S3
Palest Blue S3
Ultramarine Blue S1
Azure Blue S3
Cobalt Blue Hue S1
Cerulean Blue Hue S3
Indigo S2
Phthaocyanine Blue S1
Pthalocyanine Turq S3
Cobalt Blue Turquoise S3
Celadon Green S3
Phalocyanine Green S1
Permanent Green Light S1
Summer Green S3
Chrome Oxide Green S3
Green Gold S3
Sap Green S2
Naples Yellow Light S2
Naples Yellow Deep S2
Buff Titanium S1
Flesh Ochre S2
Yellow Ochre S1
Verdaccio S2
Cinabrese S2
Raw Sienna S1
Burnt Sienna S1
Rouge Richelieu S2
Terre Verde S3
Raw Umber S1
Tinting White S1
Titanium White S1
Palest Buff Titanium S1
Neutral Grey S1
Mars Black S1
Paynes Grey S2
Sepia Hue S3
Burnt Umber S1

Wallace Seymour acrylic paints are made in the UK using beautiful, high quality pigments that have a very unique colour palette.  The paints have a soft body consistency that reflect the texture of the pigment as well as having excellent coverage.  

  • Dilute with water as required: dries to a permanent, flexible film.
  • Quality pigments, dispersed in an age and light resistant polymer.