About Our Framing

How to Begin

If you would like to have something framed, simply book an appointment online here or by phone and choose the day and time that works best for you. Once you arrive in store with your artwork we will help you through the whole process of framing.
There are a variety of options when it comes to framing a picture and here are some of the main types of framing.

Box Frame with Float Mount

This is where the artwork is layered on top of a mountboard so all the edges are visible. To keep the glass away from the surface of the artwork we use fillets (spacers).  This method works well for etchings, and screen prints but is not suitable for all types of paper.


Frame with Window Mount

One of the most popular options, a window mount adds space around the artwork and acts as a barrier so the glass is not resting directly onto the surface of the picture. 


Hand Finishing

We have always admired the beauty of natural wood, there are many different frame profiles to choose from as well as painted options in a variety of colours and stains.


Hand Gilding

We can create a variety of gold finishes using the traditional method of gilding which involves applying gold leaf. The process is a labour of love and takes time, each layer is built up slowly and finished with various waxes and stains for a unique frame




Readymade Frames

We stock a range of readymade frames by Nielsen which are a great budget friendly option.  Bespoke window mounts can be cut to fit these standard sized frames and you can view the range here.



We provide a canvas stretching service and use hardwood stretchers from 19mm thickness upwards, to allow for an even tensioned canvas.  Once stretched a variety of framing options are available including tray frames which are ideal for creating a contemporary finish.


We cut mounts for all purposes, whether you need just one or one hundred mounts we can easily accommodate your requirements.  We can even cut multiple windows if you have a collection of images you want to keep together.  We use a computer controlled mount cutter for excellent precision and quality.  All our boards are conservation or museum standard to ensure maximum protection for your artwork.


Choosing the right glazing is important, we have a range to choose from including anti-reflective glass, UV protective glass and Perspex.


We pride ourselves on doing a job to our highest standards and ensure that all work is completed to conservation standards.  This means that we only use acid free materials and specialist framing methods when framing your artwork.