Dark brown wooden box frame

About our framing

Hand finishing is important to us, we believe that the care and attention required to produce an excellent frame can only be achieved by a human hand. 

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framing workshop in South East London

How we work

The process begins with you visiting us with your artwork. There's no need to book an appointment. Everyone has different framing requirements, so have a little think about what is important to you, ie. is the frame for exhibition or for your wall?

The process does take a little time so please allow at least 20-30mins.  Production takes roughly two weeks but can vary depending on our workload.

Oil painting with gilded gold frame

Gilding and Hand finishing

Nothing can beat the beauty of a hand gilded frame, we use genuine gold leaf to create our gilded frames.  A variety of effects can be created using different shades of gold and finishes and we are able to adjust the finish to suit the artwork to achieve a truly unique frame.

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Nielsen Readymade Frame

Framing for all budgets

As well as our beautiful hand finished frames, we also offer a comprehensive range of readymade frames and we are able to cut bespoke mounts to fit.

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Photo Frames

Handmade in our workshop in small batches.  We have a constant changing selection of these unique photo frames that are ready-made to go. 

Find us

The Southbank Art Company

21 London Road, London, SE1 6JX

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday, 9.30am to 5.30pm
Saturday, 10:00am to 5pm
Sunday, Closed

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