Picture Framing

Picture framing should be a fun and enjoyable process.  It's when you get to add that finishing touch to your home, or frame a much loved piece to enjoy on your wall for many years to come. You can choose from our range of hand finished colourful frames or more paired back minimalism to find the look that is right for you. As well as the aesthetic part of framing a very important part of the process is how the artwork is framed. We are members of The Fine Art Trade Guild and follow the principles of conservation framing.

 Bespoke oak picture frame with window mount

What is conservation framing?

Good framing is not just about aesthetics but also about protecting framed artwork for the future. We do this in a number of ways, the use of a window mount helps to protect the paper surface from moisture as well as allowing the artwork to adjust to changes in temperature and humidity. A specialist understanding of hinging tapes and materials accumulated over 21 years in the industry helps us in this process; we only use conservation or museum standard mountboards that comply with Fine Art Trade Guild conservation level or higher. The use of an appropriate frame is important, we consider factors such as depth of moulding and size to make sure we can leave enough room between the surface of the artwork and glazing.  


Wooden Oak and Ash Frames


Hand finishing

We source our wood from quality suppliers to create beautiful stains as well as bright painted finishes to add that final finish to your artwork and home. We mostly work with Oak, Ash, and Lime with a small range in Walnut and Cherry.

A variety of gold finishes are available using the traditional method of gilding which involves applying gold leaf. The process is a labour of love and takes time, each layer is built up slowly and finished with various waxes and stains for a unique frame. Factory finished options are available too for those looking for a more budget-friendly option.

Wood is a precious resource and we recognise the importance it plays in our industry. We have partnered up with Ecologi to support their responsible tree planting campaign and to try and give back and protect these resources for the future.


 Canvas in a tray frame



The final stage of the picture framing process but an important one.  We have options ranging from standard glass, anti-reflective glass, museum glass with UV filtering properties, standard Perspex and museum quality Perspex. 



We provide a canvas stretching service and use hardwood stretchers made in house to allow for an even tensioned canvas.  Once the canvas is stretched a variety of framing options are available including tray frames which are ideal for creating a contemporary finish.


Canvas Stretchers Conservation Picture Framing London