Royal Talens Cotton Canvas

13x18cm £8.75
20x20cm £9.25
24x30cm £11.65
30x30cm £12.95
30x40cm £13.50
40x40cm £15.95
40x50cm £16.95
50x50cm £18.90
50x60cm £22.95
50x70cm £29.95
60x80cm £33.95
70x70cm £39.95
70x90cm £48.90
100x70cm £55.95

This product is collect in store only

A quality stretched canvas made from 100% 300gsm cotton, primed and ready to start painting.  Ideal for painting with acrylic and oils, and water-mixable oil paint.

  • Premium quality, made in Europe with FSC wood
  • Hand primed with one layer of natural glue and two layers of acrylic gesso
  • Beaded edges
  • Extra beechwood pegs for re-tensioning 
  • 2cm deep