Nielsen Quadram Readymade Frames White (Collect in Store)

A4 RW6521021 £23.90
A3 RW6524021 £37.00
A2 RW6541021 £51.70
30x40cm RW6530021 £35.30
40x50cm RW6540021 £43.50
50x70cm RW6552021 £59.80
60x80cm RW6562021 £68.00
24x30cm RW6522021 £25.50
30x30cm RW6533021 £29.20
A1 RW6556001 £73.50
40x40cm RW6544021 £36.50
50x50cm RW6555021 £50.00

Please note that not all frames are held in stock so please allow at least 7 working days for frames to arrive.

Good quality wooden frames.  Smooth white finish.

Profile measures 16mm wide x 25mm deep

Easy to open back

Can take slightly thicker mountboard up to 2.5mm thick.

Glass front