Nielsen Alpha Readymade Frames Matt Black (Collect in Store)

30x30cm R1633250 £28.60
30x40cm R1630250 £34.20
40x40cm R1644250 £39.90
40x50cm R1640250 £44.20
50x70cm R1652250 £65.60
60x80cm R1662250 £78.50
70x100cm R1671250 £98.50
A1 R1656250 £79.90
A2 R1641250 £59.90
A3 R1624250 £38.50
A4 R1621250 £27.10
10x15cm (table standing only) £13.80
13x18cm (table standing only) £18.00
24x30cm (R1622250) £27.70

Please note that not all frames are held in stock so please allow at least 7 working days for frames to arrive.

A sleek, modern frame made from high quality aluminium.  We find this understated frame suits black and white photographs as well as exhibition posters.

Profile measures 7.8mm wide x 25.9mm deep

Matt black aluminium frame

Easy to open and can take mountboard up to 2.5mm thick

Glass front