Caligo Relief Printing Ink 75ml

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Arylide Yellow S2
Diarylide Yellow S3
Light Orange S3
Naphthol Red S2
Rubine Red S3
Carbazole Violet S5
Phthalo Blue S2
Prussian Blue S1
Phthalo Green S4
Yellow Ochre S1
Burnt Sienna Hue S2
Burnt Umber S1
Raw Umber S1
Black S1
Opaque White S1
Process Yellow S1
Process Blue Cyan S1
Process Red Magenta S5
Extender S1

Artist quality printing inks made from vegetable oils that can be washed away with soap and water.  Made using high quality pigments that offer excellent lightfastness.  Ideal for lino and block printing on paper.

  • Non toxic inks
  • 75ml tube