Collection: Shakila Sulemanji: Artistry Rooted in Diversity


With over 50 years of artistic exploration, Shakila Sulemanji is a seasoned artist, London-based and proudly Pakistani. Formally trained in graphic design, her journey unfolded through the realms of fine art, mixed media, block printing, and printmaking.

Shakila Sulemanji's art is a celebration of her cultural roots within the diverse canvas of London. With a career marked by adaptability and creative growth, she continues to make her mark, both as an artist and a driving force in the artistic community.

Shakila's artistic tapestry gained recognition with a collection of Indian blocked printed cushion covers, a collaboration that found its way into homes through John Lewis. Evolving her craft, she has ventured into printmaking, crafting enchanting London scenes and greeting cards that bear the imprint of her creative evolution.

In addition to her individual pursuits, Shakila wears multiple hats as the owner and director of The Southbank Art Company. Her commitment to art extends further with The Hatched Line – an independent creative studio she founded along with her daughter; Sara Sulemanji. Here, illustrations come to life, reflecting her dedication to artistic expression and her background in graphic design.