How to measure artwork

For bespoke service we’ll handle all the measuring for you, however, for readymade frames and mounts it's down to you. This can seem rather daunting but following these steps will help guarantee your measurements are accurate.

Firstly you’ll need a ruler or tape measure. A ruler is better but make sure it’s long enough to measure a full length – it never works out to daisy chain ruler lengths.

We prefer metric measures – millimetres rather than inches – since our tooling is setup for it and millimetres are more granular that fractions of an inch.

1. Determine the visible area

A mounted artwork will only display the windowed portion of the artwork. If you don’t want a mount you’ll be measuring the paper edge to edge.

2. Check for square

Check this by measuring diagonally corner to corner. The measure should be the same. If it’s not you’ll either need to trim the paper or use a window mount to hide the uneven edges.

3. Measure it

Measure the height, then width to the nearest mm. Measure everything again, just to be sure, and then again once more. We do the same in our workshop. 

4. Allow for overlap

If you’re having a window mount cut, subtract 6mm from each measure. This gives an overlap of 3mm on each side which keeps the artwork in place and makes it easier to centre the artwork within the mount.

You should now be left with a height x width, which you can use to either request order a window mount or size up a readymade frame. That's it!