Daler Rowney Designer Gouache 15ml

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Brilliant Violet S1
Spectrum Violet S1
Purple Lake S2
Magenta S2
Process Magenta S2
Deep Pink S2
Rose Pink S1
Ruby Red S2
Madder Carmine S2
Mars Red S1
Maroon S1
Crimson S2
Geranium S3
Scarlet S2
Flame Red S1
Vermilion S3
Cadmium Red Hue S2
Brilliant Red S1
Red Orange S2
Coral S1
Flame Orange S2
Tangerine S2
Middle Orange S1
Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue S2
Indian Yellow S2
Brilliant Yellow S1
Cadmium Yellow Hue S2
Olive Green S1
Oxide Of Chromium S1
Yellow Green S1
Saffron Green S1
Light Green S1
Leaf Green S1
Process Green S1
Brilliant Green S1
Emerald S1
Mint S1
Viridian S1
Fir Green S1
Pine Green S2
Turquoise S1
Cyprus Green S1
Marine Blue S1
Ocean Blue S1
Azure Blue S1
Powder Blue S1
Process Cyan S2
Brilliant Blue S1
Cobalt Blue Hue S2
Coeruleum Hue S2
Delft Blue S2
Ultramarine S1
Rowney Blue S2
Prussian Blue S1
Rich Gold S3
Pale Gold S3
Silver S3
Copper S3
Zinc White S1
Permanent White S1
Jet Black S1
Velvet Black S1
Lamp Black S1
Paynes Grey S1
Neutral Grey 3 S1
Neutral Grey 2 S1
Neutral Grey 1 S1
Cool Grey 3 S1
Cool Grey 2 S1
Cool Grey 1 S1
Warm Grey 3 S1
Warm Grey 2 S1
Warm Grey 1 S1
Burnt Umber S1
Vandyke Brown S1
Raw Umber S1
Red Brown S1
Indian Red S1
Brown Pink S1
Red Earth S1
Burnt Sienna S1
Raw Sienna S1
Sandstone S1
Flesh Tint S1
Yellow Ochre S1
Spectrum Yellow S1
Process Yellow S1
Lemon Yellow S1
Canary S1
Primrose S2

A professional, water-based paint similar to watercolour but with the addition of chalk added to the pigment to create an opaque matt finish.  Use straight out of the tube for an opaque, matt effect or dilute with water for more transparency.  A popular medium for illustrators and graphic designers.

  • Can be used on dark and light colour paper
  • Works well with watercolour paper and brushes
  • Paint can be re-activated with water so is not waterproof
  • 15ml
  • Made in England