Mt Washi Tape

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Yellow 1.5cm
Mesh Yellow 1.5cm
Baby Blue 1.5cm
Blue 1.5cm
Ruri 1.5cm
Peacock 1.5cm
Matte Black 1.5cm
Stripe Lilac 1.5cm
Red 1.5cm
Samekomon Akadaidai 1.5cm
Gold 1.5cm
Asanoha Sinchu 1.5cm
Dot Gold 1.5cm
Silver 1.5cm
Stripe Silver 1.5cm
Ajiro-Bengala Wamon 1.5cm
Hanabishi-Tomekon Wamon 1.5cm
Nejiriume Namari 1.5cm
Deco Pink Fluorescent
Border Framboise 1.5cm
Heart Spot 1.5cm
Fade Dot 1.5cm
Shocking Orange 1.5cm
Shocking Pink 1.5cm
Hougan Sakura 1.5cm
Dot Shocking Red 1.5cm
Assanoha Shuaka 1.5cm
Fluorescent Grad Pink/Orange 1.5cm
Ninjin 1.5cm
Triangle and Diamond Pink 1.5cm
Samekomon Outou 1.5cm
Shocking Red 1.5cm
Stripe Red 1.5cm
Pastel Turquoise 1.5cm
Pastel Leaf 1.5cm
Pastel Ivory 1.5cm
Pastel Cocoa 1.5cm
Pastel Scarlet 1.5cm
Pastel Raspberry 1.5cm
Pastel Marigold 1.5cm
Pastel Lavender 1.5cm
Pastel Carrot 1.5cm
Pastel Cyan 1.5cm
Pastel Ivy 1.5cm
Pastel Pearl Grey 1.5cm
Pastel Ultramarine 1.5cm
Pastel Sunflower 1.5cm
Pastel Rose 1.5cm
Dot White 1.5cm
Matte Grey 1.5cm
Stripe Black 2 1.5cm
Dot Black 1.5cm
Yukiwa Midorinezu 1.5cm
Matte White 1.5cm
Ichiro Yamaguchi Bird 1.5cm
Seperate Check Monochrome 1.5cm
Stripe Black 1.5cm
Stripe White 1.5cm
Border Black 1.5cm
Hougan Black 1.5cm
Ichiro Yamaguchi Leaf 1.5cm

Washi tape is a thin masking tape that can be used for a variety of craft and wrapping projects.  The colourful patterns can brighten up gifts, notebook, walls and more.

  • Easy to tear
  • Easy to write on
  • Waterproof & heatproof
  • Removable on most surfaces