Montana Acrylic Marker

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Shock Brown Light
Shock Brown
Shock Brown Dark
Shock Black
Shock White Pure
Silver MATT
Iron Curtain
Copper MATT
Shock Yellow Light
Shock Yellow
Shock Orange Light
Shock Orange
Shock Orange Dark
Shock Red
Shock KENT Blood Red
Shock Pink Light
Shock Pink
Shock Lilac
Shock Blue Light
Shock Blue
Shock Blue Dark
Shock Green Light
Shock Green
Shock Green Dark
Flash Yellow
Fire Red
Gleaming Pink
Acid Green
Power Orange
100% Cyan
Sahara Beige
Royal Red
Malachite Light
Varnish GLOSS
Varnish Gloss
Gold Matt
Copper Matt
Silver Matt

A high quality, waterbased paint marker that can be used on almost any surface.

  • Waterproof once dry
  • Can be used indoors, for outdoor use its recommended to seal with Montana gold spray varnish
  • To use shake well, and press nib down multiple times to allow paint to flow