Nielsen C2 Readymade Frame Gloss White (Collect in Store)

24x30cm R62256 £25.40
30x40cm R63056 £29.60
40x50cm R64056 £38.20
50x70cm R65256 £57.00
60x80cm R66256 Disc £67.40
A4 R62156 £23.80
A3 R62356 £33.20
A2 R64156 £51.20
A1 R65656 £69.20

Please note that not all frames are held in stock so please allow at least 7 working days for frames to arrive.

A sleek metal frame by Nielsen in gloss white, ideal for a minimal, contemporary look.

Frame profile measures 10mm wide x 18mm deep.  Can take a standard thickness window mount.